Silchester Park Dublin

MHRV by Doctor Air Ireland

  • Status: Completed
  • Project Type: MHRV system design, installing and comissioning 

About this Project


This project has been a difficult challenge, with many hidden impediments, but we have overcome them all and Voilà – the result has exceeded the client’s expectations.
Sometimes things get complicated, but nothing is impossible for our team.

    Vaulted ceiling in the house?


    We found the solution for it.

    Our solution brings fresh air into rooms no matter how high the ceiling is.


    Control panel

    The control panel offers information about the parameters on which the installation works. This allows us to know the current state of the system and how well it works.

    Parameters found on control panel:

    •  the temperature of the supplied and extracted air
    •  the outdoor temperature,                                                         
    • the engine speeds                                                      
    • the used percentage of the filters. 

    Control the MHRV system in the app

    The air handling unit can be controlled with ease, so that the user can enjoy comfort and energy savings.

    What can our intelligent automatic control systems offer ?

    •  Detailed description of consumption and savings

    There is no need to second-guess how much energy the air handling unit consumes and how much energy it saves! With automatic control systems it is possible to check this.

    •  Different ventilation modes optimized for daily needs

    Automatic air quality control selects the most appropriate mode and ensures the comfort conditions in the room. It allows the user to control all the important parameters and even schedule the operation modes according to their preferences.

    • Remote control and monitoring from anywhere in the world
    What MHRV systems offer
    • Fresh air all year round
    • Comfortable climate indoors
    • Prevents moisture damage such as mould
    • Lower heating costs
    • Clean environment with less cleaning
    • Homogenous atmosphere
    • Controlled  system
    What is special about our MHRV systems
    • No dust, smoke and pollen
    • Silent systems
    • Automation

    Doctor AIR Ireland provided our MHRV system for a retrofit of a 1950s house.

    Positive experience and Dmitry is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about air systems.

    He also takes the time to work through his specifications with you and make sure they are fit for your needs.

    We’ve had the system running for about 6 months now and are very happy with it.

    The difference in air freshness in the house compared to pre renovation is so much improved.

    Feilim H.