Two Storey House in Gorey

MHRV by Doctor Air Ireland

  • Status: Completed
  • Project Type: MHRV system design, installing and comissioning 

About this Project


A lot of windows and glass sliding doors – this is the house we brought the best MHRV system in. Based on the dimensions of the building and the necessities of the client we decided to install Domekt CF 700. This powerful unit ensures that every room gets more than enough fresh air so that a comfortable indoor microclimate can be achieved.

    What differentiates us from others? Details


    We do believe that every detail, which might seem to be little and insignificant, plays actually a big part in the success of the whole system.

      The detail we consider crucial is the location of the ventilation intake air grid. Why? Because it influences considerably the air temperature brought in by the MHRV system, thus the indoor air temperature. For this reason we always choose to install the grid on the north side of the gable and never in the roof.

      Due to the fact that the ventilation intake air grid is on the north side of the gable, where there is usually shade, we can always have comfortable indoor air temperature even in the summer. We would never recommend to install the ventilation intake air grid in the roof, because the roof heats up and draws heat into the house. As a result the heat indoor becomes unbearable due to the increase in air temperature.

      As you can see in the pictures, we placed the ventilation intake air grid on the north side of the gable. Being in the shade, it ensures that the air which is brought inside is of a lower temperature. Using this technique, our systems are able to bring in air of much lower temperature than the one that can be measured in direct sunlight. This reduces the chances of needing an air conditioning unit or other systems in order to cool down the house on hot summer days.

      Full control of your MHRV system?

      This is what we stand for. Our MHRV systems can be controlled at any time and from any part of the world.


      With the help of smart technology, you can adjust the intelligent MHRV system according to your needs and preferences.


      Control panel

      The control panel offers information about the parameters on which the installation works. This allows us to know the current state of the system and how well it works.

      Parameters found on control panel:

      • the temperature of the supplied and extracted air
      • the outdoor temperature                                                      
      • the engine speeds                                                      
      • the used percentage of the filters. 

      Our Domekt MHRV units show us the consumption and savings made by the system for any desired period of time, either daily, monthly or for the entire period since installation.


      Control the MHRV system in the app

      The air handling unit can be controlled with ease, so that the user can enjoy comfort and energy savings.

      What can our intelligent automatic control systems offer ?

      • Detailed description of consumption and savings

      There is no need to second-guess how much energy the air handling unit consumes and how much energy it saves! With automatic control systems it is possible to check this.

      • Different ventilation modes optimized for daily needs

      Automatic air quality control selects the most appropriate mode and ensures the comfort conditions in the room. It allows the user to control all the important parameters and even schedule the operation modes according to their preferences.

      • Remote control and monitoring from anywhere in the world
      What MHRV systems offer
      • Fresh air all year round
      • Comfortable climate indoors
      • Prevents moisture damage such as mould
      • Lower heating costs
      • Clean environment with less cleaning
      • Homogenous atmosphere
      • Controlled  system
      What is special about our MHRV systems
      • No dust, smoke and pollen
      • Silent systems
      • Automation

      Testimonial coming soon.