Design Services

Why proper design is important

HVHR design must be taken into consideration right from the initial design stage. When it comes to the design of an MVHR system, this can have a major impact on how complex the ducting system is and what type of equipment is best suited for your building.

Architects and installers usually rely on the MVHR suppliers to design their ductwork and components. It is not surprising that the quality of the designs varies and some common mistakes appear frequently.

Here at Dr. AIR we take a different approach. We closely communicate with your architect and source the best solution available, being able to integrate our solutions into your budget and be more efficient in the installation process. This translates into more savings on your side and shorter execution time.

What to Expect

  • Co-ordinate the structural design right from the start with all larger services.
  • Easily accessible for filter changes and maintenance
  • No room for missinterpretation. Components will always be shown and narrated, as well as their position within the structure.
  • Proper design of inteke and exhaust, avoiding cross contamination and minimise exposure to strong winds and pollution.
  • Comply with the latest standards and regulations, following the best practices and guidelines.

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