Edenderry Co. Offaly

MHRV by Doctor Air Ireland

About this Project

It may sound a bit astonishing, but the small houses are the ones that require a lot of work and patience when it comes to designing and installing a high quality MHRV system. This project is one of them.

We installed Komfovent Domekt CF 400 MHRV unit which is might look small but is very powerful.


    What MHRV systems offer
    • Fresh air all year round
    • Comfortable climate indoors
    • Prevents moisture damage such as mould
    • Lower heating costs
    • Clean environment with less cleaning
    • Homogenous atmosphere
    • Controlled  system
    What is special about our MHRV systems
    • No dust, smoke and pollen
    • Silent systems
    • Automation

    Testimonial coming soon.