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Kildare MVHR Services

With more than 12 years of experience in providing clean and healthy environments to our residential clients with our Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery Systems, we strongly believe in our commitment to offering a high standard and efficient air circulation in your home.

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Kildare MVHR Services


Kildare MVHR Services

Our services meet any planning and installation requirements in residential applications thanks to a wide range of professional products and technical expertise.

Having ventilation is of utmost importance in all buildings today, find out why by reading more on these links from reputable researchers & case studies – Envirovent & Lung.org



Our careful design approach ensures that Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR) power consumption and noise levels are kept low. We take into consideration all aspects related to your home. This includes the design and the performance of your building fabric components such as windows and insulation levels

Supply & Fit

DR. AIR introduce new and innovative products that are designed to optimise the indoor air quality and lower energy consumption. These products are helping to improve comfort levels and create healthier more productive spaces by introducing fresh filtered air into the internal environment.

Service & Maintenance

MVHR systems are complex appliances that require servicing and maintenance in order to function properly. DR. AIR provides this service to existing and new installations offering expert quality technical advice, parts and labour in all our Kildare MVHR Services.


Our expertise allows us to test and verify Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR) equipment functions according to its design objectives or specifications. We comply with Irish Ventilation Industry Association standards ensuring the best practices for our Comissioning service

Featured Product:
Automatic control system C6 for DOMEKT units

DR. AIR specializes in fitting and configuring intelligent automation systems that allow you to control your air handling unit with ease. Or you may choose to leave everything to it and enjoy comfort and energy savings. C6 controller offers you both!

Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery System App
Kildare MVHR Services

Our Kildare MVHR Services

MHRV (or Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation) is the process of delivering fresh filtered air into your building without creating uncomfortable draughts, and without creating excessive demand on your heating and cooling systems.

It works by recovering the thermal energy from the air within the building and using this to precondition the outside fresh air as it is drawn into the building.

This allows better thermal and humidity control, and delivers even more comfortable and healthy indoor air quality for all our Kildare MVHR Services

Kildare MVHR Services – Latest Projects

Our main business operates within the HVAC industry and has been involved in many residential projects, utilising our mechanical ventilation & heat recovery systems.

The opportunity to be involved in these projects comes from the company’s reputation as a provider of high quality products and solutions focused expert advice.


” Doctor Air Ireland – After months and months of research on HRV systems and several quotes, found this company! 

Highly qualified, experienced and reliable. “

Anna Brady


” Great service, highly recommend.         Had issues with smoke from neighbours chimney entering our ventilation system but all sorted now. 

– Marie Crehan


” Doctor AIR Ireland provided our MHRV system for a retrofit of a 1950s house. Positive experience and Dmitry is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about air systems. He also takes the time to work through his specifications with you and make sure they are fit for your needs… 

– Feilim H.

” …We’ve had the system running for about 6 months now and are very happy with it. 

The difference in air freshness in the house compared to pre renovation is so much improved. “

– Feilim H.


” Doctor Air Ireland have recently completed an installation of a Komfovent Domekt-CF-700 system in my 1992 bungalow. 

I am from an engineering background myself so searched long and hard over almost a year to find the right company to deal with for my heat recovery ventilation. 

I have to say Doctor Air was in a league of his own, every recommendation explained, specifications explained, best materials used and perfectly installed…”

– Conor Watters


” Our quality of living for a family of 5 in the house is so much improved I should have done it years ago.

The system is set to run at the same level of ventilation day and night, no night mode, and even with the 2 vents in the bedroom   you still can not hear a sound.

Waking up in the morning fresher than ever is a delight. We have no issues with steam in the bathrooms after showers with the system running in normal mode, we never need to boost the system… “

– Conor Watters


 ” I have full control of the system from a touch control panel in the house or direct on my phone.

I have waited to get used to the system before making any recommendations but I have no qualms in highly recommending Doctor Air Ireland for a great job             well done.”

– Conor Watters

” Very happy with Dmitry, worked with him twice and he is very professional and knowledgeable about the units. Would definitely recommend. “

– Brian Folan


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